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Our firm is on call for you with a complex set of services: full customs clearance, environment protection product fee and Intrastat administration, and full foreign trade activity. We deal with all these in our office as well as at the premises appointed by our client.

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Customs clearance

Environment Protection Product Fee and Intrastat

Full export activity

Customs Clearance

Free-of-charge audit

During the free-of-charge audit, and after familiarising ourselves with your activities, types of merchandise and their destinations as well as your own contacts, we will show you which modern customs formalities would be the best for you, and we will find the possibilities of simplifying these while reducing costs and the time of administration. We will also try and find alternative procedure methods. Estimated time: 1-3 hours. Place: our office in Budapest. More details here >>

Takeover of the obligation of vat-payment

The instant payment of the duty and import-VAT debited on the shipment may cause organizational and financial difficulties for importers. Our firm takes over the payment of import-VAT via an indirect customs representation, so you neither have to pay nor declare the VAT. Take advantage of the possibilities we offer concerning customs clearance to minimize your administrative and financing burdens. More details here >>

Customs documents

We assume the responsibility of drawing up the necessary customs documentsduring the customs clearance. Filling in these documents professionally and accurately is particularly important because, in case a deficiency occurs, customs organizations have the right to stop the shipment; what is more, they can even confound the transactions and their profitability. We can avoid this. More about customs documents here >>

A great deal of money can be saved if one knows about tariff preferences and exemptions from customs duties and how to take advantage of these, and if they can provide the necessary certificates. For example, it might not be needed to pay customs duty for operating bonded warehouses, or one can be entitled for interest-free (!) delayed payment of duties. More details here >>

If our client fills in the customs documents personally but wishes to be confident that customs authorities will not find anything objectionable in their contents, we are ready to review,the filled-in customs documents and make corrections and additions,if necessary. More details here >>

Customs clearance

The manner in which we conduct our customs clearance is smooth, on the spot, and/or electronically available anywhere in the country, if necessary. We organize the arrival and send-off of shipments so that their customs clearance is unobstructed and smooth in both countries. If needed, we liaise directly with the foreign partner’s customs experts. More about customs clearance here >>

More about customs clearance here electronic customs clearance and simplifications significantly reduces the time, energy, and expenses of customs clearance. With their help, customs formalities are done more efficiently and quickly, and we can fulfil our customs obligations non-stop on any day of the week, if necessary. Being given adequate information, our clients can decide which of the numerous simplified licenses they need most and in which case they match the related case-maps (bank guarantee, firm history, frequency etc.). More details and factual examples of simplification here >>

Special customs formalities are used when the export customs clearance is not of a definite-purpose and requires a more complex bill of sale or when it is not related to free registration. We are ready to do such, out-of-ordinary customs formalities, too, for example re-export, tax warehousing, temporary export or import, and/or duty-free registration. More about special customs formalities here >>

Duty refunds, follow-up changes of customs value

Very few customs agencies enjoy undertaking follow-up procedures and changes, but we do! And, we are very proud of it because these follow-up procedures represent one of the biggest professional challenges in customs clearance. We got in touch with many of our clients by having to rectify their mis-made customs clearances, and lure their money from customs authorities. Here are a few examples of follow-up customs formalities >>

Coordination with customs authorities

Our good relationship with customs authorities helps us to quickly and smoothly solve more complicated affairs, for example, in the case of authority checks. We provide the authorities with the necessary statistics reports, and on request, we are ready to take part in the authority checks. But, we are even more willing to do do checks before the authorities do them, because, in this way, any occurring deficiencies can be rectified, and this can help companies avoid unnecessary expenses or fines (even in case of medium-size companies, these can be in the order of millions or tens of millions). More details here >>

Outsourcing customs-agency work

Our firm has outstanding routine and first-rate references concerning the formation and operation of entire customs departments, so we are ready to take over the reorganization and/or operation of our partners’ available customs agency.. We also undertake the setting up of completely new customs departments or customs divisions by overtaking all the burdens and challenges of the initial system formation and organizational structuring. More about outsourcing here >>

Authorised Economic Operator – AEO status

Operators having the AEO status are considered to be reliable economic operators in the whole Community and are entitled to receive facilitations related to security customs checks, and simplifications and allowances based on customs rules in the whole Community. The acquisition of this comprehensive permit is only a possibility today, , but due to the advantages it grants, it is worth acquiring because it already is some kind of expectation in partnerships. We help your company acquire the AEO status! Details here >>

Environment Protection Product Fee and Intrastat

Free-of-charge product audit

During the free-of-charge audit, after getting detailed information about your work, range of goods, and your contacts, we will determine which segment of your firm’s activities will be responsible for your having to pay oror not having to pay a product fee, and we will inform you about the possibilities of payment/refund. Time interval: 1-3 hours. Place: our office in Budapest. More details here>>

Environment protection product fee

According to the current regulations the following product groups are product-fee-liable:

  1. Batteries
  2. Packaging containers and other packaging materials
  3. Other crude-oil products
  4. Electric and electronic equipment
  5. Tyres
  6. Advertising paper
  7. Other plastic products
  8. Other chemical products
  9. Office paper

Are you doubtful as to whether you are liable or not according to the current law?? Take a look at our more detailed description or call us, and we will help you! Our firm will take over your tasks related to the product fee. More information here >>


Those home companies are obliged to hand in the Intrastat report which import from or export to EU countries goods over a certain annual value limit. This report has to be sent to the CSO (Central Statistical Office) every month by the 15th, following the month concerned. Do you know if your firm has this obligation or not? Or, do you need help in making the report? Our firm will take over the task of making the report includingincluding statistical data and handing it in. More information here >>

Full export activity

Making draft agreements and order samples

The ease or difficulty of a transaction is largely influenced by the contract, which can lead to either the success or the failure of the transaction itself. That is why it is very important to make a foreign trade contract in a well-thought-out manner, knowing all the necessary information. What do we have in mind?

Are you sure you know all the related regulations? Do you know which parts you have to include in the contract by all means? Do you know the payment and financial engineering solutions which are already well-tried in practice?

If you feel even a bit uncertain, it is worth taking into considerationconsideration the fact that you can count on our assistance in contracting, making offers and deciding about the conditions of orders as well. More about how we can help you here >>

Full foreign trade transactions

In foreign trade wage arrangements,, we act as if we were our partners’ foreign trade department. We do foreign trade wage arrangements as described in a sub-agent’s contract, in the name of our clients and in strong co-operation with their organizational systems. More about why this is favourable for our clients here >>

We significantly reduce our clients’ administrative burdens by taking over all the paperwork related to foreign trade, so we issue different kinds of foreign trade documents, invoices, certificates of origin and other foreign trade documents. More details here >>

Administration related to foreign trade payments and foreign-currency administration: We know the financial engineering possibilitiespossibilities which serve our clients’ financial security in international trade. Unfortunately, many companies are not aware of them, and that’s why they take huge risks unnecessarily. We will help you avoid these risks! Details here >>

Licenses, contact with authorities

Acquiring export-import licenses: our professionalism and liaisons both help the orientation in the Hungarian and EU licensing system and the successful lobbying. The conditions of foreign trade are not completely entrusted to the participating business partners: the seller’s and the buyer’s state authorities also have a say in them through their regulation and licensing systems. More details about the acquisition of licenses here >>

Issuing authority reports, keeping in touch with foreign trade authorities: We represent our client on the professional side during authority checks. Companies dealing with foreign trade have a lot of administrative obligations which usually even accountants do not know about because these do not belong strictly to bookkeeping and tax advice. Such obligatory reports and registers might be required by the Central Bank of Hungary (MNB),), the customs and tax departments of the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary (NAV), the Ministry for National Economy (NGM), the Ministry for Environment and Water (KVVM), the Central Statistical Office (KSH), etc. In these cases, coordination with authorities is absolutely necessary, and we are ready to take this over. Details here >>

Agricultural export promotion

As a result of joining the EU, Hungarian agriculture can function at the integrated market of the European Union in subsidizing circumstances which ensure the conditions of fair competition for Hungary. Since the first day of EU membership, Hungarian producers and traders have been able to be part of the community intervention system, and they have been able to apply for export promotions.. In relation to this, our firm completely or partially takes over the acquisition of the export license necessary for export promotion, the export customs clearance and the postulation of export promotion. Details here >>

Choosing hungarian and foreign freight-agents

We know who the best in this field are. We choose our freight-agents when organising international transport. Our professionalism, knowledge about the partners, and our independence guarantee that our decision is correct. More about the choice of freight-agents here >>

Issuing transport documents and detailed task specification for freight-agents

In our assignment, we describe the tasks of the chosen freight-agents prudently, precisely, and in detail. In case of organizing international transportation,, we particularly care about the shipping to arrive at the appropriate place at the suitable time and in the proper condition. We represent the interests of our clients efficiently and we make the freighters do their jobs properly.    More details here >>

Logistical solutions

We have acquired great experience in configuring, organizing, and operating private warehouses, public warehouses, and in regular warehousing. We know all the advantages and disadvantages of each of these. Thus, we can provide the most favourable logistical design for each of our clients separately, based on their particularities, including even the countrywide distribution of goods. More details about logistics here >>