Our strenghts

You can count on us! AD Intrade provides secure, professional assistance owing to its five strengths, which are:



We have often acquired our clients by managing to find solutions for them in very difficult, almost desperate situations, when they requested our help. These solutions provided them with significant financial benefits. Or, of equal importance, we managed to regain a sum of money for our clients which was believed to have been lost.

But possibly even more important than this is our ability to keep our clients. Nothing can be better proof of this than the fact that, over the course of many years, we haven’t lost any of them.

Our company’s Senior Adviser, Mr. Dr. János Sándor, acquired the basis of his workmanship during his university studies and continued developing it during nearly three decades of active work as a foreign trader, authorised Customs expert, and adviser. He has chosen his team of experts very thoughtfully. Our colleagues regularly attend vocational training courses, too.

The client’s comfort

At our company, we have devised a working system which is totally client-friendly and provides them with full comfort. The activities we are entrusted with discharge them on a daily basis:

        • They need not deal with paperwork.
        • They do not need to monitor newly-published regulations.
        • They are not required to constantly go to customs-houses.
        • They do not need to worry about documents which are filled in imperfectly or improperly.
        • They do not have to worry about not receiving an imported shipment punctually.
        • They need not worry about committing irregularities.
        • Moreover, they do not even have to liaise via phone calls with their foreign partners in case any problems emerge.

We are ready to take over all of these aspects. What is more, we are willing to go to your office for personal coordination. The essential thing for us is to make everything comfortable for our client.

Cost savings

We will work to discover how our client can save on costs. From time to time, new laws or regulations are born on the basis of which imported goods can get customs clearance with much more favourable tariff articles than previously calculated. We save money for your firm.

Our client also obtains indirect cost savings by

      • Not having to keep up their own customs-group,
      • Not having to pay wage cost and wage contributions
      • Not having to provide space, writing desks, or computers for the employees; Moreover, they can significantly reduce the number of phone calls and the firm’s travelling expenses.

Accuracy and exactitude

Accuracy and exactitude in customs clearance and in the completion of customs and transport documents are indispensable in our professional field because inaccurate form completion can result in the loss of money and time, which we cannot afford. Of course, we take full responsibility for everything we do in regard to this aspect of our work.


We are aware of the fact that, aside from quality and prices, market competition is often decided by speed, and we are absolutely able to keep pace with this.

In Budapest and its surrounding area, we can arrange customs clearance at any clearance location on the given day and personally, if needed. We know for a fact that time is money, and our clients cannot afford to have a fully-loaded truck waiting. Also, the importing company cannot afford a failure to receive the imported goods in time.

By filling in the customs documents professionally and accurately in terms of content and form

      • We ensure that customs authorities will not find any kind of deficiency, and therefore, they will not have the right to “stop” the shipment.
      • We make the process of customs clearance safe and smooth.
      • We make late deliveries and useless demurrages avoidable.

As a licensed consignee and with the help of our electronic customs clearance systems, we can release foreign trade shipments in a few minutes, if needed, and we make it possible for motor vehicles loaded with goods to continue along their journeys without the necessity of their actual entry into the area of the customs-house.

Due to our good, long-term, daily relationship with the customs authorities, we are able to quickly and easily handle any type of issue, should one occur, because

    • Customs authorities trust us.
    • Customs authorities accept our professional opinions.
    • Customs authorities are flexible in case of more delicate issues, should they occur.