Since 1st May 2004 as Hungary has joined the European Union the customs registration of foreign trade among the member states of the Community has ceased. It is true that trading with EU countries has become simpler, but at the same time a new obligation of statistic data supplying (Intrastat) has arisen, which counts the trade between Hungary and the countries of the European Union, on the basis of data collected directly from trading companies.

Operation of the Intrastat system is binding for all Member States, the rules of it are set out by EU regulations. In Hungary this data collecting is completely executed by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO). Those domestic companies are liable to submit Intrasat reports that import goods from EU countries and/or export to there over a certain annual exemption threshold. Do you know if your company is obliged to submit Intrastat reports?

Companies have to send the Intrastat report monthly to the HCSO till the 15th calendar day of the month following the reference month.

This document regarding the data content is similar to a one monthly summarised customs declaration, it has to contain the main data of goods imported form or exported to the EU during the given month, such as commodity code, quantity, net weight, country of origin, delivery terms, mode of transport, nature of transaction, invoiced amount in HUF, statistical value in HUF, etc.

Our company undertakes

  • at high level
  • completely

preparing the statistic data supplying and reporting it for both who are obliged to submit detailed or simplified report, and in electronic way and in paper form as well.