Since 2008, we have been helping both the following firms as well as hundreds of others with their administration of customs tariffs and product fees. In all these years, we haven’t lost any of our clients:

“AD Intrade and its predecessor firms have been providing customs administration assignments as the customs-house agent of Praktiker Kft. since 1997. Our firm provides door-to-door service, which means that we fulfil and clear entrusted transactions in their processes and throughout their completion. We fulfil our orders by customs clearance, duty refunds, participation at customs controls, obtaining our delayed permits, and by personal contact with custom-houses. Our logistics provider does the customs administration personally onsite. They helped our firm a lot in obtaining the AEO certificate.” Praktiker Kft.
“We have been cooperating with this firm since 2012.  We requested them to fulfil all our administrative obligations regarding the environment protection product fee. They are reliable and fair, and constantly provide good quality service. The advisers always accomplish their assignments before the deadline, so we always get the required reports and accounts in time. They represent us reliably, successfully and efficiently to the authorities, which is why our working relationship with them is very good, and we are convinced that it can remain like this for a long time.” T.I.P. Hungária Kft.
“Our firm, Telmex – Nowy Styl Zrt. has had a contractual relationship with AD Intrade Kft. since November 1st, 2008. They have always fulfilled the assumed services completely, and according to schedule. They have always informed us about changes in legislation, and we receive briefings as to the requirements of the authorities, if necessary. We would like to maintain this well-functioning business relationship and continue our successful cooperation in the future.” Telmex – Nowy Styl Zrt.
“AD Intrade Kft. has been making the product fee declarations and Intrastat reports of our firm, ETA Hungary Kft. since 2013. Their professional work has taken a lot of administrative burden off our shoulders. We trust in our further successful cooperation.” ETA Hungary Kft.

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