We are at your disposal in:

  • Providing information about foreign trade, customs, and foreign currency regulations
  • The build-up of foreign trade organization and register systems
  • Instructing your staff simple foreign trade transactions
  • Various other questions related to customs and product fees

Free-of-charge customs and product-fee audit

Ask us to do a free-of-charge customs and product-fee audit!

During the free-of-charge audit and after getting to know a large number of details about your activity, range and movement of goods, and your contacts, we present you the tailor-made possibilities of modern customs procedures, and we look for eventual possibilities of simplification, cost reduction, and administration-time reduction, as well as alternative methods.

During the free-of-charge customs audit, we assess which segment of your company’s activity makes it possible to consider it product-fee bound or exempt, and we inform you about the possibilities of payment/reimbursement.
Time interval: 1-3 hours. Location: our office in Budapest.

Should you have any questions or need consultancy, call us, and we will be happy to assist you!
Our expert will be in contact with you within one or two days of your call.